Canopy Tours in Costa Rica


Zip Line Across Costa Rica’s Luscious Canopies

Picture yourself soaring high above the treetops, gliding through space and time faster than a speeding bullet. Zip lining is one of Costa Rica’s trademark activities, and it can be done wherever there are thick forested areas and panoramic scenery. If you want to spice up your Costa Rica vacation with a little adventure, a zip line canopy tour is a sure bet.

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Most canopy tours in Costa Rica feature eight to twenty lines, zipping you along anywhere from hundreds to thousands of feet. As the landscape features a number of canopies, finding a zip lining adventure is pretty simple. Below are some of the most popular canopy tours in Costa Rica. 

Popular Costa Rica Canopy Tours

Titi Canopy Tour – Central Pacific 

An exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages. Fly for an entire mile voer the jungle canopy, with 16 stops for sightseeing along the way.