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7 days

Total cost for two adults and two children’s until 12 years old from

What a better way to share with your family, with one of our wonderful adventure and relaxation itineraries, this itinerary takes you around three beautiful destinations,  beautiful landscapes, starting with our cloud forest area in Monteverde and then one of our best bitches Manuel Antonio, all the hotels are perfect to share with your family.

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Day by Day

Day: 1 – Welcome to San Jose, meet our driver at the airport, private ground transfer to Monteverde 3 hours’ drive

At a time to be advised, one of our kind drivers will meet you at the lobby of your hotel. Board and enjoy the comfort of your Private Transfer for approximately 3.5 hours from San José to the Monteverde area.

Day: 2 – Great first adventure in Monteverde, your kids will love this tour!!

Day: 3 – After one great breakfast, there is your new family adventure tour Sky Trek tram and Walk

Day: 4 –   Three wonderful nights at the cloud forest, your next stop in one the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica Manuel Antonio, private transfer to Manuel Antonio

Day: 5 – Perfect morning for one hike to the beautiful National Park in Manuel Antonio

Day: 6 – Horseback riding tour morning tour and one beautiful Catamaran afternoon tour

Day: 7 – Manuel Antonio to San Jose, flight with Nature Air to San Jose


Hotel El Establo

Situated in the heart of the touristic zone of Monteverde, a Quaker friendship awaits you at El Establo, set on a private 150 acres farm (50% protected primary forest) adjacent to the Monteverde Reserve.  Accommodations vary from simple Standard Rooms to Suites with amazing views. Common areas include lounges with cable TV, private forest with trails and a lake, swimming pool, and international cuisine restaurant.

Si Como No Hotel

Located in Manuel Antonio, a veritable treasure chest of natural beauty, Hotel Si Como No is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and inviting soft sand beaches. The Hotel's 58 rooms are distributed within ten separate terraces located on ten acres of protected tropical forest. The property have two popular pools and side Restaurants, Spa facilities, and a 46 seat private THX movie theatre.The Rooms do not have Tvs.

Hampton Inn & Suites

Located just two minutes from the airport, the Hampton Inn and Suites has 100 rooms, including 66 Standard and 34 Studio Suites. Each room has a/c, mini fridge, microwave, cable TV, and telephone.

The hotel offers guests a suite shop, exercise room, business center, swimming pool, and complimentary transportation to several excellent restaurants in San Jose. The Hampton Inn and Suite is ideal for a short stay in San Jose. Breakfast included.



Sky Trek, Sky Tram & Sky Walk Monteverde

Sky Trek gives you the opportunity to fly by a cable, through Monteverde’s world famous Cloud Forest, in a tour full of adrenalin and adventure, at a speed of 60 KM/H at heights up to 140 meters. Sky Trek consists in 11 cross-sectional zip lines, which make available the possibility of observing the Cloud Forest of Monteverde and its landscapes from a different perspective, with total security in an innovated system. The tour includes a total of 11 zip lines that go through the forest (which all together, have a length of 3 kilometres approximately), with distances that go from the 40 meters to the 770 meters, and heights from 20 to 130 meters. In addition, the tour also includes two observation platforms that exceed the top of the trees to offer a panoramic view towards the areas of San Carlos, Puntarenas and Guanacaste. This tour lasts around 2 hours. Sky Walk is a system of 6 suspension bridges (with lengths of even 984 feet), that go above the canopy of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, allowing  you to appreciate the flora and fauna of Costa Rica from a different perspective. This tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours. Both of these tours are reached through the new Sky Tram which will allow you to travel up through the highest points of the rainforest while crossing over the continental divide. When you arrive at the top, you will be ready to start your Sky Trek adventure!

Guided Hike in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

A cloud forest is a special type of rain forest.  As the name suggests much of the year the forest is immersed in clouds.  Almost year round the relative humidity is 100%.  This phenomenon of high air born moisture is in part a result of the trade winds which blow in from the Atlantic for 5 months of the year.  These winds which form in the equatorial zone are created by thermal conditions in different parts of the globe and the spinning of the earth.  These general wind patterns of the earth have been known to sailors for centuries. There are other cloud forests in different parts of the world, such as Washington State, but Monteverde is special in its biodiversity.  The area is home to more than 450 orchids, 100 species of mammals (that includes bats), 400 species of birds, 120 species of amphibians, and thousands of plants.  The reserves are home to Ocelots and Tapir and a small number of Jaguars.  Some of the more spectacular birds include the Long Tailed Manikin, Resplendent Quetzal, Bell Birds and Bare-necked umbrella birds.  There are also many amazing trees and plants.  For example the strangler figs, that start as a parasite among the branches, lowers vines to the ground and over the years cut off the host trees sunlight.  In some cases the host tree dies and decomposes leaving a hollow strangler fig tree.


Manuel Antonio National Nature Walk - 

Take a leisurely hike with a highly trained, well-educated Costa Rican naturalist guide through our exotic, bio-diverse tropical rain forest preserved in our 34 year old national treasure, Manuel Antonio National Park. The pace of this adventure is determined by your group’s abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop, observe, or learn about – all in its natural and breathtaking habitat.  Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of monkeys or iguanas resting in the tropical rain forest, and listen to the songs of the various birds as they glide above your group, curiously looking for adventure.  And if you are lucky, you might spot one of the only 1,000 remaining endangered Mono Titi or squirrel monkey, which live in only one location in the world, in our Manuel Antonio National Park biological corridor.  It is an easy walk or hike, depending upon your abilities and self-paced tour.

Catamaran Cruise & Snorkeling - 

Your ‘Catamaran Island Adventure’ begins when we pick you up at your hotel or private house in one of our comfortable, air-conditioned vans for the trip to the Quepos pier. There, a Planet Dolphin representative will accompany you down the ramp and on to the floating platform to board you on our catamaran. Leaving the Quepos harbour, you will head toward the horizon, cruising through the aquamarine waters toward the spectacular and scenic coastline of Manuel Antonio Park. Our experienced captain will pilot the boat while our friendly, bilingual guides offer you a wide array of beverages, including fresh fruit drinks, bottled water, sodas, beer and tropical cocktails. Soon you will be in open water and on the lookout for spotted dolphins, migrating humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays. You will be captivated by the sight of dolphins frolicking in the boat’s wake, or the inimitable sound of a whale’s song. As we make our way down the coastline of the park, the mysterious islands, jagged cliffs and unique rock formations will look almost close enough to reach out and touch. These are the nesting grounds and home for numerous species of marine birds, including pelicans, boobies and ibises. While touring the coastline, the captain will hoist the sails, wind permitting, and you will delight in the feel of the catamaran cutting quietly through the blue waters of the Pacific. Our onboard guide will be ready to answer any questions you might have, and will point out sights of interest while giving a brief history of the area. After touring the coastline, we will anchor in a protected cove within the pristine Biesanz Bay for snorkelling.